Personal Trainer Sharing Secret Supplement Success Tips

Dangerously Fit Personal Training Shares Secret Supplement Success Tips

If you want to get ripped fast during your fitness training, you need to know that testosterone is the prime hormone that defines manliness in men. It is the hormone that influences the way you look, feel and perform in life. Adequate level of testosterone in the body is absolutely essential for good muscle development, strength, male vitality and general happiness.

You can work out as much as you can at the gym without seeing any improvement worth it if your testosterone levels are below normal. Similarly, your personal relationships will go for a toss if you cannot perform satisfactorily because of low testosterone levels. It is a very frustrating situation, something that can make any man slide into a state of depression. Fortunately, testosterone boosters can reverse the trend quite effectively and help you enjoy life once more. Always consult your personal trainer before taking any type of supplement.

What Are Testosterone Boosters?

A testosterone booster is any natural or synthetic formulation comprising a combination of ingredients that are known for their ability to stimulate testosterone production in the body. However, boosting testosterone through artificial stimulants is not advisable. You also need to do bodybuilding fitness training for building muscle. Ingesting an artificial product can lead to several adverse effects as men who have used them will vouch for. Such synthetic boosters can result in mood swings, unnatural aggressions, hair loss, growth of male breasts, testicular atrophy and much more.

Herbal boosters have been in use since ancient times and many countries specifically cultivated such herbs and plants because of their natural testosterone boosting properties. In recent times, extracts of these wonderful herbs and plants have been formulated as testosterone supplements so that men across the world can enjoy a high quality of life. Such natural boosters are absolutely safe, effective and affordable and can be taken for years without showing any detrimental effect on your health. Rather, they provide innumerable benefits and improve your overall health and happiness.

How Are Testosterone Boosters Beneficial?

As mentioned above, testosterone is THE hormone that defines your entire essence as a man. Boosters just stimulate the natural secretion of testosterone in men who are suffering from low levels of this critical hormone. They are especially beneficial to men who are involved in physically demanding activities such as strength training, wrestling, bodybuilding, weightlifting and endurance training and so on. Additionally, boosters also help improve your muscle mass, gain strength, sleep better and generally feel good all over. And not to be ignored, you will perform better in bed and enjoy satisfying relationships which is so important.

Do you Need Testosterone Boosters?

Since testosterone influences your energy and mood, inadequate presence of this hormone will make you feel tired and exhausted most of the times. You will gradually become weak and find it very difficult to gain muscles, despite training quite hard. You will rather show a propensity to gain fat easily due to low metabolic rate if your testosterone level is not adequate enough. Reduced sexual urge is also another indication that you should do something about your low testosterone levels.

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How Available?

Testosterone boosters are available as capsules, tablets, powder and chewable pills. Before taking any of these, always read the manufacturers instructions carefully. Consult your doctor in case of any doubts.

How to buy?

You can buy testosterone boosters across the counter from any medicine shop or at your local health store or supermarket. Several brands of good quality boosters are also available on the internet and you can just order the exact formulation you want.

Enrolling in a Personal Training Certification?

Follow these tips…

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The road to fitness is not easy. It is just like taming an elephant, easy to buy but difficult to feed. We often plan for a lazy day’s break which turns into week and then we find ourselves in a whole dilemma; oops! It has been so long I haven’t worked out. Check out more on the certification course for personal trainers.

Sticking to your fitness plan with your certification course for personal trainers is one thing, but being motivated about it gives you a whole lot of new experience. It keeps you recharged to keep your fitness mantra alive. Some tips to keep yourself motivated for your fitness are penned down:

There are many things you will learn during your functional training certification, here are some of the most important;

Remember why you started

There is always a turning point from the usual flow of our lives when we turn to fitness. Never forget that goal; keep it burning. Do not let yourself down to other not-so-important popcorn with movie things.

Maintain a log

Jotting down all you diet and workout plans and executing them will let you supervise your own schedule. You can do it yourself or ask your online personal trainer to do it for you. You can also keep a calendar that is totally dedicated to you fitness schedules. Whenever you skip workout a day put a big red cross on that day. Continuous two or three red crosses will motivate you to workout continuously.

Buddy up

Get yourself a buddy. This will keep you motivated to go and workout and even look forward to hang out with your fitness friend. A buddy can be anybody, an online personal trainer at the gym, your colleague who plays the same game as you or your neighbor who may like to accompany you for a squash game. Buddying up usually keeps you away from that lonely laziness and motivates you to bring the good out of you.

Make a schedule

Working out in the morning is the best way to start a day. It is very easy to make plans for an evening workout and skip to the couch watching movies with an excuse that the day has been exhaustive at work. Maintain a daily schedule of fitness, allot a particular and convenient time of the day for your body which belongs only to you.

Bribe yourself

Make plan of going out somewhere you would like to be with your fitness buddies or your online personal trainer; say a small night out or something. Keep a balance between workout and delicious food. That way you’ll be looking forward to the plans as the reward for your workout and who doesn’t like rewards.

Make a backup plan

Keep a couple of weight pounds at home and a regular exercise mat. Whenever you feel like you cannot go to the gym just have some “lazy day” stretch of your body at home. That way you won’t completely skip the workout as a whole.

 Think about your doubters

It is always a treat to prove your doubters wrong. Think about how your success will affect those negative thinkers. Be prepared for the glory you are going to achieve. People would be like wow! You did it; I doubted that (silly me).

Keep those fitness fires burning!

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider functional training certification. If you would like more information on how to become a fully certified personal trainer, visit the Functional Fitness Courses Facebook page.

12 Week Body Transformation – Tips

12 week body transformation needs a lot of dedication and determination. It is simply not enough to desire for body transformation, you need to possess a zeal and passion for it. You must be determined to achieve your fitness goals no matter what it takes.

Once you religiously follow the 12 week body transformation plan every single day, you will come out victorious at the end. 12 week body transformation is all about continued hard work, determination and devotion to the cause. Just stick to your fitness goals and you shall conquer all difficulties no matter how challenging the task is.

Set Your Fitness Goals Right at the Outset

You need to determine and set your fitness goals and target before you get started with losing weight.

This body transformation process takes 12 weeks and so you must go about breaking your fitness goals into a number of short-term targets and a long-term target. Once you end up setting your body transformation goals, you know exactly what you are looking for, and how badly you wish to achieve it.

Be determined to put in all your efforts and 100 per cent dedication. Make a promise to yourself that you would not give up despite challenges. You must take a firm decision to achieve all your body transformation goals. You must commit your vision and plan to paper. Never lose sight of your goal.

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Set Deadlines for Achieving the Target

It is best to write down your fitness target and it is also, advisable to think about a closing date or a deadline for achieving the desired target. If you go about without a deadline, you would never be able to attain your goals or finish your body transformation programme.

Chalk Out a Plan to Combat the Challenges

Once you set your transformation goals and have a deadline in mind, you need to chalk out a definitive plan of action. The plan entails the things you must do every day to attain your daily goals and work toward ultimate success.

It is best to write down all that you wish to do each day such as drink 1 gallon of water, consume 6 meals every day, work out for hours etc. You must always record your body fat percentage, scale weight, body measurements and click photos of yourself from back, front and each side.

Be Ready to Make Relevant Sacrifices

Remember that it is definitely not an easy task. It is advisable not to try and fit the transformation programme into your lifestyle, your work, family, social obligations and commitments. Rather it would be more effective if you make the body transformation programme your top priority for only 12 weeks and consider making some sacrifices. Any half-hearted mindset would not work at all and you could never expect excellent results if you are not 100 per cent committed to the cause.

Stay Away from Junk Food

If you are dieting strictly you must never consider having non-authorised food items. Do not ever think of giving in to temptation. Just forget that foods like cheesecake and pizza even exist. There is no point in wasting your energy in wishing for or looking at or even thinking about stuff you are not supposed to have.

Look for a Nice Support Network

Stay surrounded by positive people who inspire you to go about achieving the uphill task. Stay away from negative influences. Find encouragement and support from genuine friends, Facebook fitness forums, gym goers, a coach or a personal trainer.

Have Faith in Yourself

You must think positive at all times and never give up believing in yourself. If you think and believe you can, you would most definitely do it.

Try to be Patient and Consistent

12 week body transformation is not an easy task. You need to be consistent with your nutrition and training and you must have tremendous patience to wait for the results to appear. People often fail to achieve their target as they give up easily or too soon. You must always keep in mind that you simply cannot think of transforming your body overnight. Be consistent with your actions, be patient and positive in your thoughts and you would be astonished to see the fantastic results.

How to stick to a Fitness program

It is easy to make up your mind to start exercising and lose weight. However as any fitness trainer with personal training qualifications will tell you, it is not that easy to start a fitness regime and stick to it.

Many of us decide to start exercising as part of our New Year’s resolution and some even go on to join gyms and health clubs. But as soon as the strains of a hectic life start piling up the first thing that we take out from our schedules is exercising. We convince ourselves that dieting and taking the stairs at work should be good enough for us but unfortunately ask a personal trainer who have the right fitness qualifications and he/she will tell you that is simply not enough. In fact if you have a busy and hectic schedule you have all the more reason to pay attention to your fitness, as the stress will make things worse.

Fitness trainers state that stress itself can make you binge more, smoke more or take on all those common, unhealthy habits.  These are common mistakes however that you can and you should avoid.

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To start your personal exercise regime, set a day when you can go to a fitness trainer.

It is important to keep aside enough time for the visit, as it will include a medical history as well as a trial session. In fact, this should be one of the key factors when you want to decide which type of fitness training would be most suitable for you.

When searching for fitness certifications your coach had numerous styles and intensity levels in the fitness programs such as aerobics, Pilates etc . This means you should choose something that you enjoy. Your coach is fully qualified on many fitness levels and will help you find most appropriate program to your personal fitness goals.

An ideal fitness trainer will provide you with ample time for personal counseling so that you can discuss with the trainer about your fitness goals or specific health related problems. Remember that these counseling sessions should be held at regular intervals and not just your visit. If you do not receive adequate time to ask questions or explore a fitness club on your visit there, this should be a warning signal for you.

Other important factors to consider are of course value for money. Make sure you have an accurate understanding of the costs involved for the services of a trainer, and that there are no hidden charges. Also seek additional benefits such as beauty or diet consultation, spa and salon facilities, which can normally included for a small charge.